Portland’s rental market includes an enormous variety of options, from sprawling multi-bedroom houses to cute downtown studios. But if you’re a landlord trying to fill your vacant rental, how do you know what renters will be looking for when they check out your property? When you know what features renters are most interested in, you can craft the perfect listing with all the details a prospective tenant needs to know your rental is the place they’ll want to call home. 

The Importance of Interiors

Since a rental’s interior is where your tenants will spend a good part of their daily lives, it’s the first thing they’ll be looking at in a listing. Though a tenant’s needs will vary with their lifestyle, all tenants tend to keep an eye out for a few specific interior features when looking at a rental listing. 


Big or small, every rental will appeal to someone. While most people prefer to get as much space as possible, others will thrive in a small studio or compact one bedroom. When taking pictures of your rental to include in your listing, make sure that the photos accurately reflect the size of the room with a wide shot and good lighting. If your pictures make a room seem smaller than it is, the unit may come off as cramped and deter potential tenants from seeing it in person. 

Updates and Renovations 

Hardwood floors, marble countertops, and high ceilings are all features that will catch a potential tenant’s eye. While there’s nothing wrong with linoleum and carpet, attractive and modern furnishings are aesthetically pleasing. They also show renters that you’ve put in the work to make this rental as best as it can be. Making these renovations can increase the value of your rental and ultimately pay for themselves through higher rent. 


Old appliances often need more maintenance and tend to break down more frequently as their parts wear out. Since no tenant wants to be stuck without a dishwasher or washing machine, newer appliances represent convenience, efficiency, and reliability. And with the heat waves we’ve been seeing in our area the past few years, air conditioning will definitely boost people’s interest in your rental. 

Pet Policies

Tenants with pets will naturally gravitate towards rental apartments that are friendly to their furry companions. If your rental has any especially pet-oriented policies and accommodations, it’s wise to mention them! This might mean non-scratch floors, a fenced backyard, or a nearby trail where dog owners can walk their pups.

Inside and Out

A property’s location is about so much more than its address on a map. It determines your rental’s parking, amenities, local school district, walkability, and safety. These factors can affect every aspect of your tenants’ lives, but every tenant has different priorities. Here are the most important elements about your rental’s surroundings and how to make the most of them. 


Your neighborhood’s culture can make a world of difference in marketing your listing. Is your property in a suburb with wide sidewalks and slow traffic? Or maybe it’s in a downtown area, close to bars, restaurants, and the local nightlife. No matter where your rental is located, it’s crucial to get a sense of what appealing amenities are nearby. Some tenants will want a quiet, off-the-beaten-track rental. Others are fine with street noise if it puts them in a location within walking distance of restaurants and nightlife. 


Does your property have a driveway or garage for parking? Or will your tenants have to hunt for street parking in a popular area? In a busy metropolitan area like Portland, parking can be at a premium. Be sure to touch on your rental’s parking availability in your rental listing. If you have the ability, consider offering the ability for your tenants to pay for a reserved spot. 


Safety is of huge importance to renters. If your rental is in a neighborhood with a good safety rating on websites such as Niche, you might want to emphasize that in your listing. But even if your community isn’t graded especially high on safety, other features can assure potential tenants that they’ll be safe and sound at home. Adding a keypad entry or smart doorbell can show your tenants you care about helping them feel secure. 

School Districts

Tenants with children will undoubtedly want to know what school district a rental falls under, so you should do your research first. If your property’s school district is well-regarded, be sure to mention that! If not, you could bring up any highly-rated private schools in the area instead. 

What Makes Your Property Appealing? 

Rather than trying to anticipate what a tenant will want, the key is knowing your property’s strengths so that you can help a prospective renter find their dream home. In some cases a drawback for certain people might be appealing to others. Once you know what features tenants focus on while understanding that every renter needs something different, it’s easier to craft a listing that focuses on your property’s benefits. 

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