Repair and Maintenance Issues are an Important Part of Property Management

If you’ve ever self-managed a rental property, you’ve probably faced calls from tenants about repair and maintenance issues. Things break around the house. That’s just a part of homeownership. However, if you’re trying to provide excellent customer service for your tenants, handling these requests can be very stressful. Not only must you find a trustworthy contractor that’s licensed, bonded, and qualified to handle the issue. You also need to make the repairs quickly. After all, there’s no better way to lose a great tenant than by being unresponsive to problems they have to live with every day.

Meet the Rent Portland Homes Team: MD Watson Construction

In our latest post on the Rent Portland Homes YouTube channel, Darla Andrews sits down with Mike Watson from MD Watson Construction. Together, they have a conversation about the resources property management companies offer their clients. With more than 20 years of construction experience, Mike and the MD Watson Construction team partner with Rent Portland Homes for our client’s repair and maintenance issues. From regular repairs — which we usually finish within 48 hours — to tenant turnovers and major remodels, Mike and his reliable team of employees and sub-contractors handle it all.

These built-in resources are one of the main benefits of hiring a property management company. Not only do we document our repair and maintenance work through a formal work order process. But we also offer 24-hour service with no overtime charges. We’re responsive to tenant service requests because we want to provide excellent customer service, and in the process, retain good renters. Our goal is also to be good stewards of our client’s property. That’s why in addition to repair and maintenance work, we also offer annual inspection services, which is essential for keeping your property in tip-top shape.

No More Emergency Phone Calls

Imagine sleeping soundly through the night. You know Rent Portland Homes now answers those emergency service calls you used to dread. As soon as your tenant places their work order, it will be handled by vetted professionals whose priority is fixing the problem the right way. It’s hard to put a price on that peace-of-mind.

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