Throughout the Portland-metro area, the signs of spring’s arrival are all around us. From sunny skies to blooming trees to seasonal allergies, the transition from our wet winters to warmer weather is already underway. For investment property owners, this is an ideal time to handle a few vital home maintenance projects as you clean up from winter and prepare for summer. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Project #1: Clean Your Gutters

During the fall and winter, Portland residents face an onslaught of wet weather. As a result, your home’s gutters are a critical component of its long term health. When they operate correctly, your gutters collect rainwater runoff from your roof and direct it away from your home’s foundation. When gutters get clogged by autumn leaves, pine needles, and other debris, they can overflow and cause water to collect at your foundation. Left uncorrected, that standing water can cause your foundation to sink and lead to costly repairs.

Every spring, it’s a good idea to spend an afternoon clearing your gutters of the debris that collected during the rainy season. Not only will this protect your home from spring showers, but you’ll also be ready when the wet season inevitably arrives once again.

Project #2: Service Your Air Conditioning

If your home comes equipped with air-conditioning, the system likely spent the last six or seven months dormant. That’s why it’s a great idea to have your system serviced before the hot summer months arrive in force. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to experience air-conditioning failures the first time they turn on the cold air every year. So, by scheduling proactive maintenance, you can avoid a surprise repair call from your tenant and keep your cooling system in peak working order.

Project #3: Check the Condition of Your Roof

Just like your gutters, your roof takes a beating during the winter. Between all the rain and high winds, your roof could be showing signs of damage. An experienced roofer can inspect the flashing, decking, eaves, vents, and other components of your home’s most critical weather barrier. Gone undetected, a damaged roof can lead to rotting wood and other water damage that could cost a small fortune to repair.

Project #4: Restain Exterior Wood Elements

If your home features a wooden patio or deck, wood fencing, or other exterior wood details, spring is a great time to attend to these elements. Wood deteriorates after prolonged exposure to the weather. So begin by looking for warped or damaged timbers. Once you’ve replaced damaged components, it’s also a good idea to clean your deck, patio, or fencing. If they’re looking faded, it might be the right time to apply a new coat of wood finish and some weather sealer. These steps will ensure your wood accents remain attractive and usable for the long term.

Project #5: Check Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

Spring and summer are prime lawn and garden care seasons, so you’ll want your sprinkler and irrigation system running in peak condition. Start by running your system in all zones and inspecting your property. Identify and replace any broken or damaged sprinkler heads. Adjust any heads that are spraying your house to prevent water damage. Also, move any heads that are spraying concrete or porches to reduce water waste. Once you’ve given your sprinkler system a tune-up, it will be ready to keep your lawn and garden green during those hot August days.

Regular Home Maintenance Protects Your Property Value

Some investment property owners take an “out-of-sight-our-of-mind” approach to home maintenance. They figure, if their tenant isn’t complaining about a problem, there’s nothing to fix. Unfortunately, this is a short-sighted approach to property management. By taking a proactive approach to home maintenance, investment owners ensure their homes remain in top condition. This means they can continue attracting the best possible tenants and maximizing their cash flow over the long term.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Many investment owners don’t have the time to conduct regular maintenance. Either because they’re too busy with other tasks or don’t have the required expertise or confidence necessary to complete the maintenance themselves. That’s where a good property management company comes in.

Good Property Managers Handle Regular Home Maintenance

At Rent Portland Homes by Darla Andrew, our mission is to protect your investment like it was ours. In addition to finding, screening, and placing great tenants, we also provide regular maintenance services, so our tenant’s homes remain in tip-top shape. Over the years we’ve made connections with hundreds of trusted service providers who can handle these maintenance tasks. We also employ an in-house repair team that is capable of directing this work. 

If you own a rental property and would like to know how we can help you get the most out of your investment, contact us today. You can call or text Darla directly at (503) 515-3170, or you can fill out the contact page on our website. If you’re interested in turning a home you own into a rental property, we can help you too. Fill out our free online rental analysis, and our team will help you decide if it’s time to dive into investment ownership. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for the latest on the Portland rental market. We hope to hear from you soon!