After a long, cold winter, your yard is going to be begging for some love this spring. You may have already noticed the buds swelling on tree branches, the first crocus popping up, and at least one of your neighbors probably has a pile of mulch by the curb waiting to be spread through the garden. Spring is a great time to tackle annual yard maintenance and enhance your rental property’s curb appeal.

This spring, you may want to add new features to your landscaping as well. It doesn’t take much to boost your property’s curb appeal, and it certainly helps the property value. If you’ve been thinking about ways to make your rental property stand out, now is the time to get out there, enjoy the sun, and get your hands a little dirty. Or maybe hire someone else to do the dirty work for you. By including yard maintenance costs in your rent, you can focus your energy on other projects. However you choose to do the job, you won’t regret keeping your rental property’s curb appeal looking fresh.

First Things First

Before jumping in and planning new flower beds or building that flagstone path you saw on Pinterest, start by taking care of some basic yard maintenance. Yard work may not be the fun part. However, it will create a clean framework to add personal touches to make your rental property attract positive attention.

By the end of winter, your yard will likely have a collection of dead leaves and probably a few fallen branches that need to be raked up and put in the compost. Discard any leftover garden debris at this time as well. You may not think twice about that pile of branches from a winter storm. But, it may appear neglectful to a neighbor or potential tenant. 

Spring is the time your lawn will need the most attention. Begin by pulling out the weeds, or apply a post-emergent herbicide to keep them under control. Bare spots need to be reseeded and watered until the grass reestablishes. A regular watering plan will reward you with a lush and inviting lawn. Grass prefers to grow in cool weather. So, until the days warm to 80 degrees, plan to mow your lawn four to six times a month and keep it at the height of about two inches. A freshly cut lawn not only looks sharp but also makes for happy, healthy grass.

Chances are you have some plants on your property, whether they are trees, shrubs, or lush flower beds. Now is the time for a thorough plant clean-up to set them up for a successful growing season. Pruning perennials, shrubs, and trees before they start sending out new growth creates a pleasing look and benefits the overall health of the plants as well. Laying down a few inches of fresh mulch is another way to create a visually pleasing scene that makes your plants thrive. Mulch helps plant retain moisture, which means you’ll spend less time watering your garden beds during hotter weather. A freshly mulched garden may be one of the most visually rewarding tasks of spring yard maintenance.

Spring Projects to Make Your Garden Pop

A lawn that is well-cared for, happily trimmed shrubs, and a fresh layer of mulch are a good start but, what if you want to add a little more excitement to the exterior of your rental property? There is still a lot you can do to increase your curb appeal without adding too much to your yard maintenance or your budget. 


Create an inviting walkway or illuminate your garden beds with solar lights. Solar lights are great because they require very little work to install and don’t add to your electric bill. 

Invest in Hardscaping

Consider putting a little time and money towards eye pleasing and functional hardscaping. A curved walking path that leads to a sitting area is charming and adds personality to your rental property. The benefit of hardscaping is that it adds to the curb appeal and requires little to no maintenance once completed. 

Plant More Plants!

If you really want to increase the curb appeal of your rental property, add plants that will create year-round interest. There is a wide selection of native plants, perennials, and ornamental grasses requiring minimal upkeep and providing years of enjoyment. With a bit of research, you can find plants suited to your garden’s particular environment.

Keep Your Yard Maintenance Organized

The funny thing about spring is that it tends to creep up on us every year. One day it’s cold and rainy, and before you know it, the sun is out, the temperature is rising, and suddenly you have a ton of projects to tend to. Your lease agreement will state what responsibilities you and your tenant have regarding lawn care. If your tenant is responsible, make sure they are staying on top of things during this active growing season. Do yourself a favor and create a “Yard Maintenance Checklist” to help stay organized. Include lawn watering, tree and shrub pruning, power washing the hardscaping, fertilizing the garden, and pulling up the pesky weeds. Personalize your checklist to suit your property and the amount of time you have to devote to it.

If you are sprucing up your rental property before showing it to potential tenants, do yourself a favor by making your rental property stand out at first sight. The attention to detail given to the outside of their property reflects the care to the interior. A great way to draw attention to your rental property is to create a space they would be happy to come home to before even opening the front door.

You Don’t Have to Do It On Your Own

Landlords are busy year-round, cleaning and maintaining rental properties. The added pressure of spring yard maintenance and boosting curb appeal makes for an even heavier workload. The assistance of a professional property manager may be just the answer you need if you want the best for your rental property but don’t have the time to do it all on your own.

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