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A Quiet Stroll Through University Park

If you’re looking for a wild nightlife, sprawling shopping complexes, and expensive luxury homes, University Park is not for you. Tucked against the Willamette River and bordered by other modest neighborhoods such as St. Johns, Arbor Lodge, and Portsmouth, University Park is a quiet, studious neighborhood in Northwest Portland. The University of Portland’s beautiful campus makes up a large part of University Park’s area, and the surrounding neighborhood has a tight-knit population of just over 7,500. Though it might be lacking the glamorous amenities and shining infrastructure of communities like the Lloyd District, don’t let University Park’s quaint facade fool you: it’s a solid Portland neighborhood favored by students and families who like to keep it low-key.

A Scholarly Atmosphere

With the University of Portland at this district’s center, it’s no surprise that the college has a significant impact on the vibe of the surrounding neighborhood. But despite being close to a college, University Park doesn’t have the sort of “college town” atmosphere you might expect. It doesn’t foster much of a cafe or independent shopping scene; instead, the area tends to be quiet and peaceful, with hipper amenities available in nearby suburbs for those who want to look. 

Founded in 1901, the University of Portland’s deep roots bestow University Park with a historic feel by proxy. The college is a private Catholic school with a small student body, offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees. It also has a gorgeous campus, though unfortunately, it is not currently accepting walk-in visitors. The University of Portland has also been rated highly in terms of quality and affordability, making it an appealing choice for many star students interested in a small, private, religiously affiliated college. 

University Park got its name from a different, shorter-lived college: Portland University, a Methodist college open from 1891 to 1900 when it closed for financial reasons. One of the campus’s original buildings, now called Waldschmidt Hall, still stands in University Park today.

What To Do In University Park

Lombard Street forms the northern border of the University Park neighborhood, and it provides the central thoroughfare for the area’s traffic. It also serves as the central spine for most of University Parks’ businesses. If you’re looking for gas, food, or groceries in the area, you’ll probably find it on Lombard. 

When it comes to chowing down, University Park has a few cute little hole-in-the-wall offerings that have locals raving. The East Side Deli offers counter-serve sandwiches for vegans and carnivores alike in brightly colored digs with a lovely outdoor patio. If pho is more your cup of, well, noodles, there are a couple of well-rated Thai and Vietnamese joints in the neighborhood. Sassy Souk’s offers authentic, Lao-style southeast Asian food, including pho and bubble tea, while Drunken Noodle’s classic dishes will have your mouth watering from the website’s pictures alone. If you like kombucha (and if you live in Portland, you probably do), you’re in luck: Oregon Tonic has a location right on Lombard Street and even offers no-contact deliveries right to your home. 

University Park also boasts a conveniently located New Seasons Market, a smattering of chains, and several car and auto shops. If you have an extensive or complicated shopping list, you’ll probably want to head further afield, perhaps to the nearby Jantzen Beach shopping center. Still, for your daily needs, you should be able to get most of what you need right here in University Park.

Bridge The Gap Between City And Nature


You won’t find one of University Parks’s best amenities on any local dining guides. Forest Park is just a quick jaunt across the St. John’s bridge, where you can find seemingly endless trails meandering through the ten square miles of Portland’s beautiful green space. With a wide range of trail lengths and difficulties, there’s something here for every hiker. Try walking to Pittock Mansion, a short yet brisk hike up winding paths through beautiful mossy trees. You’ll end up with a beautiful panoramic view of Portland, as well as a fascinating tour of the mansion’s interior. 

If you’re looking for some greenery a little closer to home, University Park certainly upholds the second half of its name. Portsmouth Park and McKenna Park are two small grassy areas with playgrounds and sports fields, and either is a great place to kick a ball around or walk your dog. Once you’re away from the hustle and bustle of Lombard Street, University Park’s streets tend to be quiet and suitable for biking or walking, so a pleasant stroll around the neighborhood is always an option.

What’s The Rental Market Like In University Park?

You can find a wide variety of house types in University Park, from run-down fixer-uppers to nicer, modern homes. The houses tend to be more modest than in some Portland neighborhoods, and many of the residents — 70 percent, by real estate website Niche’s reckoning — own their homes. Housing prices in University Park average out at around $450,000, with the median rent coming in at $1,700. With many students looking to move close to their university’s campus, the market for rent in this area is worth investigating if you own property in the area.

Turn Your University Park Home Into A Rental

With new inventory for the Portland housing and rental market in heavy demand, there’s never been a better time to think about converting your University Park property into a profitable rental. At Rent Portland Homes by Darla Andrew, our years of experience in Portland property management have given us the tools to navigate the market’s recent curveballs. The effects of COVID-19 and the state, federal, and city eviction moratoriums have made the Portland rental market challenging for many local landlords. Paired with recent changes to Portland rental property law, it’s more complicated than ever before starting up as a DIY landlord

However, tapping into the Portland rental market can be an enriching experience, and Rent Portland Homes by Darla Andrew is here to give you the tools you need for success. Our team handles the ins and outs of marketing, finding star tenants, and collecting rent. You’ll never need to worry about conducting maintenance or interacting with tenants, as we can take care of everything for you. If you want to capitalize on the University Park rental market, reach out to us today at (503) 515-3170 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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