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Gresham: It’s Pretty Great

Gresham is the gateway to a wilderness wonderland, right in Portland’s backyard. From its position at the far east of Portland’s metropolitan area, Gresham is the perfect staging ground to wind up the Columbia Gorge, or delve into the natural splendor of the Mount Hood National Forest. And with numerous community parks located within the city itself, there’s no need for a day trip to experience all the great outdoors have to offer. 

Of course, Gresham’s appeal isn’t limited to the natural world. A walkable historic downtown and numerous green spaces preserve Gresham’s small-town charm, despite sporting a healthy population of over 110,000 residents. With multiple bike trails and service by bus and light rail, Gresham offers tons of opportunities for car-free travel into the heart of Portland itself. 

If you want access to all the big city has to offer while staying close to nature and out of the urban bustle, Gresham might be the place for you!

No Limits to Nature’s Bounty

Gresham may offer a perfect balance between modern amenities and access to the great outdoors, but in this case the middle ground is far from mediocrity. The glorious wilderness areas a short drive from Gresham’s city center are worthy of the most remote locales. The beautiful Latourell Falls area is just a half-hour drive from Gresham’s city center, with fantastic waterfall views right from the parking lot and the option for a moderate two-mile hike along the stream. Just down the road from these striking waterfalls, you’ll find Angel’s Rest, one of the most popular trails in the area. This approximately five-mile round trip hike climbs to a panoramic view of the Columbia Gorge. With about 1,500 feet of elevation gain, this hike is a moderate-to-strenuous challenge with a worthwhile reward at its end. 

But why head into the Gorge when there’s so much to do in Gresham’s backyard? The city’s park system contains over 1,000 acres of parkland, including urban trails, skate parks, sports fields, and more. The Gresham Butte natural area features a hike up on one of the city’s ancient lava domes along the Gresham Butte Saddle Trail. A quick jaunt away lies the Sandy River Delta, an excellent place to take advantage of water recreation on the Columbia. Overall, Gresham is a veritable playground for outdoor lovers of all ages.

A City Center to Keep You Centered

Gresham may not have Portland’s vast offerings, but its charm and tight-knit community give it something special. A compact Historic Downtown and plenty of dining options to choose from make Gresham a great place to explore on foot. Start your day off with a coffee from Cafe Delirium in the historic district, featuring cozy digs with modern flair and various gift options. Try lunch at The Local Cow for contemporary organic burgers and local craft beers. If you’re looking for exciting and upscale dining, The Nicholas Restaurant has a location in Gresham’s downtown where you can treat yourself to a number of delicious Lebanese dishes. And don’t miss Sugar Cubed Cakes’ eye-popping selection of cupcakes after dinner (or before—we won’t tell). 

Just across the street from Historic Gresham, Main City Park is a local treasure in the city’s heart. Peaceful paved walkways surround the park’s crown jewel: Tsuru Island, Gresham’s very own Japanese garden. This free public park is the perfect place for a contemplative stroll among the beautiful statuary and carefully tended greenery. And you can always pop back over to downtown Gresham afterwards, for another round of cupcakes and coffee.

Gresham’s Unique Offerings


Between the quaint charm of Gresham’s historic downtown and the far-flung glory of the nearby wilderness, the surrounding area hosts several gems. For a truly unique evening show, skip the movie theater and instead stop by Mt. Hood Community College’s Planetarium Sky Theater. Though the effects of COVID-19 suspended all performances, this unique opportunity will reopen once conditions improve enough for large indoor gatherings. If you’re looking to dip into Gresham’s pioneer history, check out the Gresham Historical Society Museum. Relics from the city’s past keep it connected to its roots, and the 1912 Tudor house, which hosts the museum, has a storied history as the city’s first library. 

Fans of biking will find a lot to love about Gresham, making an active effort to keep its development closely tied with nature. The Springwater Corridor is a paved bike path along Johnson Creek, providing ample transit and recreation opportunities for Gresham cyclists. For a leisurely car-free ride close to the downtown area, check out the Gresham-Fairview trail. No matter your skill level with cycling, Gresham has a bike trail with your name on it.

A Look at Gresham’s Rental Market

Do you own a home in Gresham? If so, you’re poised to take advantage of Gresham’s thriving rental market by turning your home into a rental. At Rent Portland Homes by Darla Andrew, we handle all the details: finding you the best renters, taking care of repairs, collecting rent, and so much more. We bring years of expertise in the Portland metro area market to the table, ensuring you can make the most of your investment. If you’d like more information on how we can guide you through the process of turning your home into a rental, call or text us anytime at (503) 515-3170, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to working with you!

You Can Turn Your Home Into a Rental

One thing that makes Gresham so appealing is its affordability. Compared to Portland rents, Gresham offers attractive rates without an arduous drive into the city. About 80 percent of Gresham’s properties rent for $1,000 to $1,500; the average rent is $1,294. About 34 percent of people living in Gresham are renting their homes. For those who own, housing prices average at $296,300. 

From central Gresham, downtown Portland is only a 30-minute drive; this makes Gresham an appealing option for commuters looking to save money on rent while working in Portland. But those who intend to work in Portland are sure to find themselves quickly won over by Gresham’s charms.

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